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Real Hip Hop

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Real Hip Hop

by bjones

When was the last time you worked together with another person to get something accomplished? When was the last time you made a plan with someone else and tactically accomplished that plan? In our society we have been indoctrinated with this concept of rugged “American Individualism”. This individualism sets the frame work for how we interact with the people closest to us. Instead of sharing a car with our brothers or sisters and saving a boat load of money we want our own, so that we can stand out. Instead of buying a house with our friends and becoming property owners as a group, we would rather rent independently so that we can have are “own space”. The underserved community of this nation can’t afford to partake in this American Individualism, because we as a people don’t have enough resources to ever dig ourselves out of the hole that we were born into. Yes you may be able to get that Benz or that house on water if you hustle hard enough, but what’s your Benz worth when 90% of the people in your community can’t afford bus fare? What’s that ocean front property worth when the projects still exist? We have to realize that we as people are the best resource that we have for each other, and if we are to ever really change our plot in life we must throw out this sense of individualism and sacrifice for the common good of all. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity”.. The Clipse are also trying to capture this very sediment in their song “New World” off of their latest album Hell Hath No Fury. They are breaking away from that Individualist way of thinking. They express their desire to see their people climb out of the poverty hole, both mentally and physically. Not too often do you hear rappers talk about wanting to see their fans affording the same luxuries they have been able to afford. Kudos to the Clipse for overstanding the situation. Read this verse and if you like what you read, go and buy the album.

Free your mind and the rest will follow, Big Bob

This goes out to my Hyalites that hang out on them corners
Who rock Air Nike's, hustlers' way of life
In white T's, constantly, ducking from Ds
Pumpin that D arm, readily, waiting to squeeze
Who stay cookin, stay lookin, over they shoulders
Holdin them boulders, tryin to avoid central booking
I ain't coming at ‘cha quote, unquote "Famous Rapper"
Who turn positive, try to tell ya how to live
But this information I must pass to the homies
If hustling is a must be Sosa, not Tony
We can all shine; I want your wrist lit like mine
Neck and ears, I want it lit like mine
Foreign cars, stick shift,6 gears like mine
Anything that keep mama from crying, visiting
You from behind that glass, while you away, sentencing
But the judge is saying "Life" like it ain't someone's life

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Very well put.

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